Exactly Just What Is Actually The Link Of Business Intelligence Towards Infotech

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Exactly Just What Is Actually The Link Of Business Intelligence Towards Infotech – The figures are miles behind in terms of articulation and proportions, although they are ahead in terms of durability thanks to more cast composition. Despite their appearance, there is also a lingering nostalgia when looking at them. If anything to bridge the “missing link” between the old and new figures.

Not an accidental pun aside, the idea of ​​full articulation isn’t new to Transformers collectors, but it’s definitely been thrust into the spotlight thanks to leaks of things that will be fully articulated.

Exactly Just What Is Actually The Link Of Business Intelligence Towards Infotech

Convoy/Optimus Prime figure. And after weeks of speculation, the new Missing Link line has finally been officially announced.

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This line does exactly that and puts the “missing link” I described above right in the face. Keep all the iconic features of the original figure and implement modern articulation without changing any key visual elements. If you don’t believe their claim, here’s a no-nonsense comparison

There’s no better time to make a modern version of the original Optimus Prime figure than 2024, as it’s the 40th anniversary of the Transformers franchise. The Missing Link Optimus Prime will come in two versions, the C-01 is a toy-accurate version, while the C-02 is closer to his appearance in the animated series. Their main differences include paint applications and included accessories.

The Missing Link C-01 Optimus Prime is, as mentioned, based on what the original toy looked like. If you take a quick look or show this to non-Transformers fans, this figure will likely be mistaken for the original. Yes, there is even a scuff mark on the cab.

The toy-accurate C-01 version has all the details that the original figure did with stickers. Other than that, it does away with stickers and all that detail is sculpting and painting. As you can see here, they are most commonly seen on the forearms, knees and feet. It also has yellow tinted windshields to complement the yellow optics. If I haven’t already mentioned, that’s pretty telling.

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The figure retains the opening chest feature originally designed to hold the hands in vehicle mode. But that’s not necessary for this figure, as the wheat hands (yes) actually fold inward in car mode and attach to the back of the front grille section. This means that the boot chest can be used for other things, such as storing the Leadership Matrix. I’m not entirely sure where this is based, as I don’t think the original came with a Leadership Matrix. But it appears to be a gold cast piece with real jewels painted metallic blue. The matrix camera is also new for this figure, although it does not interfere with head retention in car mode.

Another difference between the C-01 and C-02 is the included harness, which is identical to the original, down to the attached repair pod and Roller, the latter in silver. The inside of the trailer itself also has raised markings straight from the original, although I’m not sure if these are stickers or tampographs.

Like the original, you can lift the harness to make a repair bay for Optimus Prime.

Here’s everything that comes in this kit. Some rackets come with runners for both Roller wheels and repair pods. There are also a few accessories and an Energon Ax that I’m not familiar with. Oh, and this release’s nostalgia trip wouldn’t be complete without the appropriate packaging.

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If you have the Japanese version, this should be familiar, although the American version is similar.

The packaging style will be exactly the same as vintage, down to the plastic window trim and the foam cushions used inside. One major change is a different illustration for Convoy/Optimus Prime.

And stunningly drawn by Shin Ueda. The box basically folds so the guy inside isn’t a brick.

The Missing Link C-02 Convoy/Optimus Prime is the same figure except for a few cosmetic changes, as this is dubbed the “Anime Edition”. It has clear blue windshield pieces instead of light yellow to match the blue optics on the head. The details of the front bumper are also painted in yellow.

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All sculptural “sticker” surface detailing remains, albeit in solid colors: red for the forearms, blue for the knees, and gray for the legs.

Finally, here’s everything that comes with the C-02. It doesn’t include the trailer and everything that comes with it, but it does have the basics for the Optimus Prime figure. This includes the Evergon Axe, Ion Blaster and Matrix of Leadership, all done in the same colors.

First I pre-ordered the anime edition because I’m not really a fan of the details on the toy, the yellow windshield and the yellow optics. Especially since my other figure of the original form is Transformers Music Label Optimus Prime, which is an anime edition with a modern head sculpt. But my collector’s conscience worries me that if I don’t get the trailer and everything that comes with it, I’ll be missing out. So I may have pre-ordered both. Not to mention we got another prime just a month later with the Lunar Cruiser Prime.

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