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Business Intelligence Developer Salary In Us – Average business development salary $92,540 To create our salary estimate, start with data published in publicly available sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Foreign Labor Certification Data Center (FLC) Show More

The average salary for business intelligence developers in the United States is $92,540. Salaries for business intelligence developers typically range between $70,000 and $121,000 per year. The average hourly rate for business intelligence developers is $44.49 per hour. Business intelligence for salary improvement is influenced by location, education, and experience. Business intelligence professionals earn the highest median salary in Washington, California, Oregon, New York, and Nevada.

Business Intelligence Developer Salary In Us

The states that pay the most for business intelligence developers are Washington, California, and Oregon. The lowest average middle business income earners are Arkansas, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

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The salary of an intellectual property developer ranges from $70,000 per year at 10% to $121,000 at 90%.

The business intelligence development earnings at Meta and Apple are the highest paying based on our latest earnings estimates. Additionally, the average salary for a business developer at companies like Google and Ropes & Gray is very competitive.

Average business intelligence developer salary varies by industry: The average business intelligence developer salary in the healthcare industry is US $92,515, the highest of any industry. The average salary for business intelligence professionals in the financial industry is $92,137. Business intelligence professionals in the real estate industry earn an average salary of $88,531, the lowest of any industry.

The median business intelligence salary has risen by $16,180 over the past decade. In 2014, the average business development professional earned $75,360 per year, but today, they earn $95,540 per year. That works out to a 10% change in pay for business intelligence developers over the past 10 years. Compare business intelligence to improving city or state wages with the national average over time.

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Washington pays Business Intelligence Developers the most in the United States, with an average salary of $110,901 per year, or $53.32 per hour.

You will know if you are being paid fairly as a Business Intelligence Developer if your salary is close to the average salary for your region. For example, if you live in California you should be paid about $109, 094 per year. Developer salaries are one of the hottest topics in the world of programming and raise many questions and controversies.

The average salaries of developers are not only interesting for people who want to join the IT market but also for start-ups who are thinking about outsourcing product development to other countries.

But how much do producers really earn in different countries? We decided to check it out and wrote this article for people who are thinking of hiring a remote control and want to know how much it will cost them.

Business Systems Analyst Salary In 2022: A Guide To Knowing Your Pay

Average salaries were shown based on data from PayScale, SalaryExpert, and but may change depending on the technical skills and experience of the developer.

It is not at all surprising that the first number in the highest rate of salary for software developers goes to the United States (Avr. base salary – $ 106, 816 / year).

Programmers in Switzerland, Israel, Denmark, and Norway are also lucky enough to be among the top five highest paid professionals in the world. Talented developers are in high demand in those countries, leading to high costs and a long and tedious process of finding and hiring an in-house developer.

On the other hand, software development salaries in Eastern Europe look attractive to start-ups or even large established businesses that are looking for experts to do new things and are ready to work with remote developers.

Business Intelligence Engineer Job Description

For the past few years Ukrainian, Polish, Moldavian, Serbian, or Hungarian manufacturers have been in high demand for Western businesses.

The main reason is to find skilled professionals for a low price. See the graph to compare how much the salaries of Eastern European developers differ from the salaries in the US or other Western countries (we have included the US salary above for a better comparison).

Many programming languages ​​have come up in the last decade. However, not all of them are well established in the world of software development. And some, not surprisingly, were quickly forgotten.

Also choosing ‘hip’ or current technologies for software products can cause difficulties in finding a good developer. At the same time, developers who want to specialize in non-standard programming languages ​​often face problems finding good materials and courses as well as instructions and projects to work on.

Power Bi Career Oppurtunities: Power Bi Jobs In 2023

To be on the safe side, it is important to learn about and use technology that is popular, in demand, stable, open-source, and up-to-date. Although they require different skills, the salaries for programming languages ​​are the same. Among them, we will look at the salaries of JavaScript and Python developers.

It is very difficult to imagine a web application or site without JavaScript. Today, it is the most popular language according to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow developers.

High demand results in good Javascript development income. Prices also vary by country and region. According to SalaryExpert the average salary for a Javascript developer is $97,710 per year.

From simple SaaS applications to complex crawlers and large applications of artificial intelligence – everything you can dream about for your mockups can be written in Python, and this is a really big opportunity.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Developer Salary: Hourly Rate

It is completely open-source and has many libraries. Python is often taught in schools so it is not difficult to learn. In addition to that, Python has libraries for neural networks, robots, computer graphics, statistics, and more.

If we look at how many Python programmers produce, the results will depend on the country. However, we can see that the average salary of a Python developer is around $70,667.

The average salary for producers in Eastern Europe varies from $25,958 to $41,170 per year. At the same time, salaries in the US and other developed countries are about $68,543. Of course, there are outliers everywhere.

You may wonder why there is such a big difference; after all, low prices can be associated with bad or dishonest contractors.

Python Full Stack Developer Salary 2022: A Comprehensive Guide

However, in this case, it is not true. Software development rates are heavily influenced by the country’s average cost of living and regulations, the demand for software developers, and the skill set of local talent.

If we look at the cost of living, there is a big difference between healthcare, property (to rent/buy), and food prices between the US and Poland for example. The same is true of taxes. They have a very large influence on the net income that the producer receives.

Tax rates in developed countries become punitive faster – so you’ll enter higher tax brackets faster than in other countries. Considering this, the financial attractiveness of Eastern European countries becomes obvious.

There are some risks associated with product development and the process looks different from hiring a domestic worker.

Types Of Business Analyst Roles

Whenever you decide to go looking for manufacturers in Eastern Europe, you can use our cheat sheet with important information on the matter.

Below are the average salaries of producers from India, Pakistan, and various Latin American Countries. The lowest represents Junior Producers while the latter represents senior producers with more than 10 years of experience.

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