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Business Analyst Salary Glasgow – The average salary of a Business Intelligence Analyst in Malta varies from €30,521/year to €56,700/year. On the other hand, the gross average salary in Malta is only €18.660 per year, which is half of the minimum average salary for a BI analyst or ⅓ of the highest average salary for a BI analyst in the same country. That’s because Malta’s IT industry – more than 50% – supports outsourcing.

The average BI Analyst salary in Malta is tracked and identified by a number of sources specializing in the field. However, each of these sources declare different salaries for the same job post. In this research, we analyze and compare how well BI analysts earn in Malta.

Business Analyst Salary Glasgow

According to the first source, a professional working as a business intelligence analyst in Malta earns an average of €30,521 per year. A second source states that the average salary for the same position in Malta is €47,172/year. The highest average salary declared by one of the salary tools researched is €56,700/year and belongs to SalayExplorer. PayScale calculates the net annual salary for BI analysts in Malta, but the difference is due to the fact that the other two sources share information about the gross salary for the same position.

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An entry-level business intelligence analyst in Malta can start with an annual salary of between €29,500 – €33,250 before taxes. A Junior BI Analyst is considered a professional with 2 or less years of experience in the field.

From all three sources, PayScale does not provide any information on the minimum salary of a Business Analyst in Malta, but SalaryExpert and SalaryExplorer share the following details about entry-level salaries for this job title:

The highest paid BI analysts in Malta are senior-level professionals. For this title, PayScale does not provide any salary information. On the other hand, SalaryExplorer and SalaryExpert are the main sources for this information – as in the previous case. This time the difference is more because the two platforms rely on different types of data.

The difference between SalaryExpert and SalaryExplorer data is that the first calculates the average salary of the best-paid BI analysts in Malta, while the second source only declares the highest known salary for the same job title. Also, there are significant differences between the experience required to earn the title of Senior BI Analyst: 8 years vs 20+ years.

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Considering the steady growth of the overall IT industry worldwide and the continuous need for new BI analysts in the same industry, the salary is also expected to increase in the next few years. SalaryExpert data predicts a 10% salary increase over the next 5 years for these professionals in Malta and by 2026 we can expect an average of €52,086/year. Also, it is important to note that this is not the fastest or highest salary increase in the sector.

The skill requirements and education for any professional, including BI analysts, are largely the same and depend on location. Based on Salary Expert analysis, the set of educational qualifications for this job is as follows:

According to this data, most IT companies require a BA degree or MA degree in related fields for this job position, and only 12% of IT companies accept a BI analyst position as an undergraduate professional. At the same time, there are 1% of IT companies that demand a PhD. in the relevant field.

The skill requirements for the BI Analyst position are distributed among 5 core assets according to SalaryExpert data. The analysis shows that 51% of companies need advice management – the expertise that experts need to choose and provide the best options for business development decisions. Knowledge and ability to work with SQL databases is the second most important skill for BI analysts and is demanded by 16% of companies hiring for this position.

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Knowledge of Tableau software – a popular analytical tool in the business intelligence industry, is the 3rd most sought after skill by companies hiring for the same position. 6% of companies are likely to ask you about this in an interview. At the same time, companies may also require project management and data analysis skills when applying for this job.

Most companies hiring a BI Analyst in Malta are following global trends for this position as the country is not a major player in the international market. That’s why everything from wages to skills will depend on how Europe, North America and Asia – the leading IT markets – move through 2021.

On the other hand, based on the above projections, the salaries of business intelligence analysts will increase in the next 5 years and there will likely be new skill requirements for this job position in the future. Technologies BI analysts must work with will likely evolve.

If you are interested in finding companies that provide business intelligence services, you are welcome to find them.

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I’ve been researching, analyzing and writing insightful content for a long time at Mobiteam. At , I offer my experience and knowledge for IT companies and businesses and help them reach each other. Thinking about where to go next with your career in business or IT and looking to increase your salary opportunities? Then maybe a career in business analysis is for you.

Many business analysts have years of experience in an IT or business role before combining these skills and developing into a business analyst. As a result, the majority of professionals embarking on a new career in business analytics already have a wealth of experience.

Generally, business analyst salaries range between £25,000, anywhere (and sometimes more) up to £80,000. A typical starting business analyst salary is usually between £25,000 and £30,000. , and the average salary is £51,000. Although these figures vary by industry and the specific nature of the role, the responsibilities of a business analyst can vary greatly from company to company.

The average business analyst salary also depends on the area of ​​the job. Below are some average salaries for business analysts for major cities in the UK:

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Contracting is also a viable option for those who already have some experience as a business analyst and have developed a unique skill set that they can easily adjust as they move between companies and industries. Taking up contract work is not recommended for newcomers to the field as most companies expect you to be up to speed quickly and complete your tasks in a short period of time. This means that success as a contractor requires a can-do attitude and a willingness to jump in and hit the ground running.

A contractor’s daily rate is often higher than a permanent business analyst at £350. However, since you are working on a short-term contract basis, the work will be sporadic and thus you will not get a steady and reliable income.

Not all business analysts are qualified, with many people progressing into the role from a business or IT background. However, the more qualified you are, the more you can expect to be paid. If you’re looking to progress your career as a business analyst, it’s worth looking into the various qualifications and training courses available to you.

Remember that only qualifications recognized by BCS (Chartered Institute for IT) are recognized by employers across the country. BCS offers training at four different levels, starting with foundation level courses in business analysis to consultant and specialist level qualifications suitable for senior business analysts looking to gain formal recognition of their higher skill levels and expertise.

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