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Iphone 11 Pro Max Display Price – At Union Repair Shop, we classify the iPhone screen into 5 different quality types based on the different things that have been collected. Complete descriptions of each position are outlined below.

A number of replacement slides are widely accepted for original parts, which strike the right balance between cost and quality. There is a competitive line built in China and every part of the screen is a good copy. Usually the LCD is from many different stores, the 4 most popular in the Chinese market are JK, AUO, LongTeng and ShenChao. Comparing LCD brightness and sharpness, we found JK to be the best among them and second best to AUO. Without a doubt, the other parts of the screen are all copies.

Iphone 11 Pro Max Display Price

It is better than After Market Basic because it comes with original laminated flexes and LCD panel. Other parts like touch screen, frame (heat press), backlight, polarizing lens and OCA are copies from different shops.

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The main parts (like the LCD screen and flexes) are 100% originally taken from a used iPhone while copying the frame and touch. The touch screen and frame come with cold glue and are bonded with the LCD screen by a third-party manufacturer to maintain its quality.

No question, it is removed from a used iPhone with all 100% original parts and works as good as a new image, it has everything that is in the new image. The only complaint about this quality is that some of the screens have 1 or 2 scratches, but they are still welcome by our customers who need quality.

100% original from Apple authorized manufacturers such as Toshiba, Sharp and LG. We get this kind of screen from top seller. The touch screen panel has an oleophobic coating that protects it from fingerprints when you use your iPhone. And starting with the iPhone 7g, the backlight from different authorized stores comes with a different code. Sharp backlight has a code starting with DKH/CON, Toshiba starting with C11/F7C/FZQ, LG starting with DTP/C3F.

Return and exchange – no problem. Товар должнен быть в нормом состояние и емите все заводские пакука.

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Various payment methods Pay for orders in simple ways: cash on delivery, by bank transfer with bank receipt or credit card at the time of ordering.

We are very proud of our prices, hundreds of customers review them every day, giving our online store plenty to choose from!

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